Our commitment

Dear humans,
Many videos and photos are taken with dogs rescued from abuse or removed from malicious breeding facilities. At Goofy Goldens , dogs are part of our lives, of our daily life. We ourselves are engaged in the fight against animal abuse as volunteers in associations and we are regularly foster families, that is to say we welcome injured, mistreated, frightened dogs into our home, over time. that the dogs feel better and have time to find them a home that will love them for life. For these reasons, Goofy Goldens is committed to donating 5% of the company's profits to animal protection associations, to contribute to a better world for those who do not have a voice. Allow us to introduce you to our stars, our babies, our life companions, those who participated in this adventure!

Lisou, the faithful Golden retriever who inspired us, without her, Goofy Goldens would never have seen the light of day. She is our daily ray of sunshine, the cuddliest of all doggies. Lisou helps us a lot during dog rescues. Indeed, dogs tend to act by mimicry, so when we rescue and keep dogs and they meet Lisou who is gentle, obedient and serene, almost instantly (2/3 days), the rescued dogs show a new face and "copy" Lisou's attitude. she is considered the “mom” of the family.

Seven , the quiet strength, Lisou's "sister". The sweetest and most zen of the team, the only moments of excitement she will have are when she hears the sound of kibble. A Golden what. A bit like Lisou, Seven's kindness largely rubs off on the dogs we rescue, she brings calm and gentleness to a home.

Arès is a Beauceron Malinois cross that we saved from abuse when he was one year old. He was tied outside to a post, nights and days, without a kennel, without shelter. We don't know more about his history, except that he can't stand when you have a stick in your hands... It took a few months to regain his trust but today, he is a big doggie full of love.

Aslan , faithful and kind. This German Shepherd is an excellent watchdog despite the passing years (11 years old)

Telma is the beautiful and most photogenic of the group, a slightly crazy beauceron, a little clumsy, she often bumps into windows or doors, but she is very protective of the children, she is a faithful friend , we love it.

Heidi, Caline, sociable and (very) playful, this young border collie has energy to spare.

Ulane, our twirling and cute little staffie. She was rescued from an abusive family when she was just 6 weeks old. We took her in for several weeks, alongside Lisou and Seven, she learned about cleanliness and socialization. She found a loving family for life.

Coming from a bloodline of hunting dogs, Moon 's first owner was a hunter. She spent her days in a kennel, surrounded by other dogs with whom she did not get along. Her deep malaise did not make her a good hunter. Her owner then sold her to a breeder who wanted to breed litters, but again Moon only knew the box. Finally, at 6 years old, after a last litter that went badly, the breeder gave him to a loving family. To this day, Moon is finally living happily, warm in a home and surrounded by all the love she deserves.

Tosca joined the Goofy Goldens family in early 2024. Tosca had a rough start to life, starting life on the streets. Abused and ultimately unwanted by her previous owner, we took her into our home when she was 7 months old. She was at first wary of men and dogs but she quickly adapted to her new life, thanks to Seven. Today, this Golden x Husky cross is in the learning phase but it's a dog's love.

Karma is the future police dog of the group. An athletic, playful Doberman who is comfortable with other dogs. He is loyal and intelligent, we wish him success in his training journey.