Who are we ?

The story begins with the meeting between Lisou, a beautiful Golden retriever, and Rémi, her adventure companion. Inseparable for more than eight years, they have helped each other overcome life's challenges. Rémi, deeply touched by the unconditional love shown to him by his beautiful Lisou, always present in the most beautiful moments of his life, as well as the worst, quickly made saving mistreated dogs his fight. It was unthinkable for our duo that dogs filled with love and devotion towards their humans would not be treated with the respect and affection they deserved. Volunteers for several years in animal protection associations, they welcome and rescue abandoned or mistreated dogs, offering them a cozy basket in their home until these doggies find the family they deserve. Thanks to them, Chouquette, Benji, Arès, Youki, Liroy, Neptune, Ulane have found their family for life, and the fight continues... In the meantime, Seven, another Golden Retriever has joined the duo to help them to save as many dogs as possible.

In this fight against mistreatment, Rémi deeply wanted to offer the dogs he welcomed new colorful accessories which could be synonymous with a happy and joyful new beginning for these dogs. Unfortunately, he was quickly confronted with the reality of dog accessories, which are mostly in solid, dull colors.

One day, during a family meal, Rémi talks about his inability to find colorful and cheerful dog accessories to his brother Thomas, an engineer living abroad at the time and also a dog enthusiast. Quickly, the two brothers had the idea of ​​combining their skills and knowledge to make the impossible possible.

This is how Goofy Goldens was born, the company founded by two enthusiasts, designs and markets collars, harnesses, leashes and baskets for happy and stylish dogs that are colorful, durable and robust. Dressing our four-legged friends with panache and taste is our mission.

Welcome to our Goofy world.