Why adopt a dog: the start of a life full of joy!

Ready to embark on the furry adventure of dog adoption, but wondering why? Or maybe you just need a little nudge to shake you up and say, “Come on, let’s go!” Here are 8 good reasons to take the plunge into the canine deep end!

  1. A dog is super cute

Indeed, we don't adopt a dog just because we find it cute BUT we must admit that it weighs in the balance! Yes, it's well known that it's hard to resist our 4-legged friends, they are cuddly and have adorable little faces. Why do we all fall for a dog? It's a combination of their big, expressive eyes full of tenderness, their sometimes funny gait, their often hilarious facial expressions and many other physical and behavioral factors that evoke so much cuteness! From small puppies to large dogs, no one can resist! This is often why an owner often has more than just one dog.

  1. A devoted companion

It's a well-known fact that no one is as loyal as a dog, and we won't tell you otherwise. Adopting a dog means having a presence who loves you and who is ready to share everything by your side (even your snack). Unlike some people around you, he will never get tired of you, he will remain your best friend throughout his life. While we humans struggle to juggle family and a long list of friends on social media, dogs look at us with eyes that say: "You are my number one, even if your ball throwing leaves sometimes to be desired!” Maybe it's just because they know that in every human, a part of their heart is reserved for them (and who knows a reserve of treats too!) Despite unwavering loyalty, affection and love, the secret of their devotion remains a delicious mystery between man and his best four-legged friend.

  1. Adopting saves one life and many lives!

By adopting a dog, you are saving its life and giving it a loving home. But by adopting it you are also saving that of another. In fact, when you bring your companion home, a place becomes available for another dog in need who can be picked up and also subsequently adopted. Not all heroes wear capes 😊 Adopting often means that you welcome a dog who may have experienced a lot of things and not always good ones. The dog goes from an abusive home to a happy home full of cuddles, but he doesn't know it yet. So how do you reassure a dog who is fearful? We take it slowly, we are careful not to make any sudden movements, we are patient and we give a lot of love.

We take advantage of this point to clarify that not all shelters and all animal protection associations are equal. Take the time to carefully look at the comments on social networks of associations offering dogs to rescue. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for a while before you decide. Discover our article on Things to know before adopting a dog from an association

  1. Unconditional love

A close and powerful bond is created between a human and a dog. The dog carries within him an immense love for his master, he will never love anyone else as much as he loves you. Sometimes it feels good to feel loved, well that’s every day! The dog is not shy to show you that he loves you: he celebrates you when you come home from work, he wants to play with you, he asks for caresses and above all he stays with you.

Why do they love us so much? We think we don't deserve so much love from them! They may see us as the kings of caresses, the distributor of snacks or the pro of walks, in any case they will be present in each event. And so the love between a dog and his master remains one of the greatest mysteries of all time, just after that of the socks that disappeared in the washing machine.

  1. Super doggie to the rescue

Adopting a dog is definitely good for your morale! These doggies are animal therapy pros, ready to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Who would have thought that the ultimate cure for the blues is found in the adorable gaze of a doggie? Their presence helps lower our blood pressure, heart rate and relax muscle tension: more effective than a spa!

Yes, several dogs are used today as assistants in psychologists' offices! A look and a caress from a doggie helps calm patients, it's a bit like a landmark.

  1. A free sports session

Why join the gym when you have a dog? They help us stay in shape with regular activity. Several options are available to you: long leisurely walks which allow you to stretch your legs, intensive jogging which allows you to let off steam, the famous ball throwing (sportier than it sounds) or you can sign up for a sport with your faithful companion (see article Zoom on dog sports )!

In any case, you make someone happy, and it’s your dog! He loves going for walks and spending time with you. And then some dogs also need to stay in line 😉. So we don't waste time, we put on our sneakers, we take the leash and we go straight away!

  1. We meet great people

It's during these walks that we have the opportunity to meet lots of other crazy dogs like us! It's a bit like getting a pass to a great dog club. We meet other enthusiasts with whom you will finally be able to talk about dogs constantly without embarrassment. This may be surprising to some, but you will also speak with a lot of people who DO NOT own dogs! We know it and we've told you, a dog is so cute, we all have to stop in the street to pet it, so imagine those who don't have it, they also want to have this chance! Sometimes it's thanks to your dog that we meet the best people, that we learn new places to go for walks or the best brand of kibble!

  1. A doggie = a longer life

It is scientifically proven that having a dog at home is good for your health, but then why?

Of course, as previously mentioned, daily sporting activity improves your health. But having a dog helps strengthen your immune system. But it is also valid for children who would therefore develop less risk of asthma or have allergies.

If we summarize, a dog allows you to: be less stressed, lower blood pressure, heart rate, relax muscle tension, strengthen your immune system, fight against depression, limit the development of asthma and allergies. They are magical! Who would have thought that the best medical prescription would come with a daily dose of hair and licking?

In conclusion, adopting a dog is like adding a ton of happiness to your daily life. So, are you ready to embark on the cutest adventure of all? Adopt, pet, and let the canine madness begin!

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