Coussin pour chien confortable et déperlantavec housse dehoussable de la collection Automne aux tons gris marron et pourpre
Chien Golden retriever blanc couché à l'extérieur sur son coussin collection Automne aux couleurs pourpres marron et noir
Chiot staffie assis et fixant l'objectif sur un coussin de la marque Goofy Goldens , collection Automne
Photo du coussin pour chien S de la collection Automne aux motifs géométriques et aux couleurs noir gris pourpre et jaune moutarde
Gros plan sur la housse du coussin pour chien de la marque Goofy Goldens. On voit ici des gouttes d'eau glisser sur la housse pour montrer que le tissu est déperlant
Gros plan sur le dos de la housse des coussins déperlants, confortables et originaux Goofy Goldens.
2 tailles de coussins confortables et colorés pour chiens de la marque Goofy Goldens, collection Automne
On peut voir ici la fermeture éclair du coussin déhoussable Goofy Goldens collection Automne

Dog cushion Fall

Dog cushion Fall

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Product description

The Fall cushion in purple, orange, black and brown colors will bring softness and serenity to your dog and your home!

  • Sizes: 50cm x 60cm (M), 60cm x 90cm (L) or 70cm x 110cm (XL).
  • The sleeping surface is made of 78% cotton, which is resistant to moisture, dirt and dog hair thanks to its special coating: the textile is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 quality and therefore contains no harmful or allergenic dyes. Our Goofy Goldens® dog cushion is 100% anti-allergenic, preventing dust mites and other insects from settling in. It's totally sterile for dogs
  • The soft, anti-allergenic siliconized polyester filling moulds to your dog's shape like a giant pillow! It's the real multifunctional bed or cushion for a dog who prefers to sleep in different positions.
  • The cushion M is recommended for puppies or small dogs under 12kg, the L for dogs up to 30kg and the XL for dogs up to 45kg .

Features and benefits:

  • Protection against accidents and wet weather conditions
  • Easy care for a clean, hygienic environment for your pet
  • Long-term durability
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit all breeds of dog
  • High-quality padding provides optimum support for your dog's joints, ensuring a comfortable, relaxing rest.

Fall cushion care:

Thanks to the fully water-repellent fabric, all you need to clean it is a damp cloth or soft sponge, and a mild detergent if necessary, but the removable cover can also be machine-washed at 30°C.

It's highly weather-resistant, so we can also recommend it for outdoor use!

Note: Our cushions and baskets are delivered in reusable vacuum bags for added protection. After opening, we recommend leaving the product in the open air for 24/48 hours to regain its shape.