Collier pour chien Goofy Goldens de la Gamme Cactus aux motifs cactus sur fond rose et vert. Boucle et anneau solides sont mis en avant sur la photo
Collier pour chien de la collection Cactus aux couleurs rose et vert de chez Goofy Goldens porté par un chien blanc dans la neige
Collier pour toutou Goofy Goldens présenté avec la boucle ouverte. Gamme Cactus sur fond rose et vert.
Chien blanc portant le collier Cactus coloré rose et vert  de chez Goofy Goldens, reniflant le sol enneigé
Collier pour chien de la collection Cactus de chez Goofy Goldens. Ce collier solide aux tons rose et vert est présenté de côté
Collier pour chien de la gamme Cactus de chez Goofy Goldens présenté posé à plat, ouvert pour en distinguer les détails
Les 3 tailles de collier pour chien de la collection Cactus sont présentés. on distingue ici les différentes largeurs.

Dog collar Cactus

Dog collar Cactus

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Product description

Cactus collection dog collar. This range is ultra trendy, the different mixes of brown, green and pink colors will not go unnoticed and your dog will become a celebrity!

  • Made from polyester, this Goofy Goldens® adjustable collar is comfortable and sturdy.
  • Features a practical, durable buckle closure and a black alloy ring.
  • Collar size: 28-43cm, 1.5cm wide (S), 33-51cm, 2cm wide (M) or 41-66cm, 2.5cm wide (L).
  • This dog collar is easy to wash and air dry. Resistant to wear and tear, it won't fade and can be worn every day.

The Cactus dog collar in hard-wearing polyester is an ideal choice for pet owners concerned about the comfort and safety of their companion. Made from high quality polyester, this printed collar is designed to withstand the rigors of your dog's daily life, while still providing a soft, comfortable feel around their neck.

Key Features:

  • Material: high quality printed polyester, weather resistant and hard wearing
  • Sturdy buckle for secure and easy closure
  • Sturdy ring for securely attaching the leash
  • Available in S, M or L
  • Lightweight design for comfortable all-day wear
  • Available in a variety of patterns to match your dog's unique style

Product Benefits:

  • Unique patterns designed in France
  • Provides safe and comfortable control during walks and outdoor activities
  • Scratch and wear resistant, suitable for active and energetic dogs as well as calmer dogs
  • Easy to care for and clean, making it a practical choice for everyday use
  • Adjustable to accommodate your dog's growth, offering long-term durability

Care Tips:

To ensure the optimum life of your hard-wearing polyester Goofy Goldens dog collar, we recommend regular cleaning using a soft cloth and mild detergent if necessary. Avoid contact with abrasive substances or harsh chemicals to ensure a long life for your collar and preserve the color and quality of the polyester.